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Corona Virus an a simple Solution

Corona Viruses – Simple Solutions Viruses, drinking water and reverse osmosis Viruses could in principle also be transmitted via drinking water. However, viruses that enter the environment via wastewater and, due to their stability, may retain their infectivity for a certain period of time are important for drinking water treatment. Essentially, this includes the group […]

Spray head 28 mm with gun handle

Spray head 28 mm pistol handle

Spray head 28 mm with gun handle This newly available spray head 28 mm with gun handle, is very suitable as a disinfection sprayer. The gun handle allows you to spray powerfully. A spray pressure carries approx. 1.3 ml through the spray head and sprays it. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable nozzle, you can achieve […]

New CDH Corona

New CDH in the age of Corona: Der Umgang mit CDH3000 kann zu Verfärbung an Kleidung und empfindlichen Oberflächen führen. Daher habe ich nun CDH1500 entwickelt. Es schont Oberflächen und macht auf den von mir getesteten Oberflächen und Stoffen keine Verfärbungen. Aufgrund der etwas geringeren, aber dennoch ausreichenden Kraft kann man die übliche Dosierung einfach […]

Prices stable despite corona

corona virus

Prices stable despite corona Despite the impulses from the “Corona crisis” I keep the prices stable for you. Unfortunately, some of my suppliers have raised their prices drastically. I do not think such an approach is fair and have therefore not yet passed the price increases on to you as my customers. I hope that […]