Glass funnel for solvents – various sizes

Glass funnels for solvents enable you to refill them without triggering. These glass funnels are very well suited if you want to fill DMSO100 or 99.99%, for example. But these glass funnels are also suitable for other, even aggressive substances.

Glass funnel for solvents in different sizes

It gives the glass funnel with 30 mm diameter. It’s made of soda-lime glass. It is a good choice for you if you want to transfer small quantities into small bottles between 5 and 50 ml. I like to call this micro funnel. It has a very small diameter at the outlet, so that you can use it very well for filling the break-proof PP bottles can use.

Glass funnel for hot and cold substances

The second size is the glass funnel with a diameter of 55 mm. It’s boron silicate. This material enables you to also fill hot and very cold liquids.

You will find these funnels together with plastic funnels in the category Filling/Dosing – Funnels.

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