Chlorine dioxide crisis preparedness

Chlorine dioxide is ideal for disinfecting drinking water as a crisis precaution. Especially in the case of crisis precautions, you should therefore remember to always have sufficient supplies in the house.

I offer chlorine dioxide solutions (CDL) here in different variants. The ready activated chlorine dioxide solution with hydrochloric acid is called CDH3000. If you wish the activated solution with lactic acid 21%, select the CDH3000 MS.

CDH also offers a variant that has not yet been activated, which has a very long shelf life because you only activate it when you need it. This product is called CDH3000 LONG.

If you would like to prepare a chlorine dioxide solution from sodium chlorite 25% and hydrochloric acid 4% all by yourself, select the Chlorine dioxide Set.

Quality products from OX-IT. Chlorine dioxide crisis preparedness.

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