Shipping costs + duration

Shipping costs + duration

The indicated “delivery time to days*” may be extended due to the current nonsensical homemade situation in Europe and abroad. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this.

country overviewPrice in EuroDelivery time up to days* Shipping with possible
Africa36,00 €12-16 Working daysDHL
Algeria30,00 €up to max. 4 kgDHL
Belgium 13,99 €3DHL/UPS
Bulgaria19,90 €5DHL
Denmark13,99 €2DHL/UPS
Germany 6,00 €3DHL
DHL EXPRESS! Shipping from a
Day to the next (Mon. to Thu.)
if ordered before 12 noon the day before.
16,99 €1DHL
UPS Express! Shipping from a
Day to the next (Mon. to Thu.)
if ordered before 12 noon the day before. With
Specification of a time window of delivery.
19,99 €1UPS
Estonia16,69 €6DHL
France19,90 €3DHL
Finland18,99 €4DHL
Great Britain (UK)21,00 €4DHL
Greece17,60 €8DHL
Ireland17,60 €4DHL
Italy17,99 €3DHL
Croatia19.90 €3DHL
Latvia17,99 €6DHL
Lithuania17,99 €5DHL
Liechtenstein22,90 €5DHL
Luxembourg13,99 €3UPS
Monaco18,99 €4DHL
Netherlands/Holland13,99 €2DHL/UPS
Norway17,99 €5DHL
Austria 13,99 € 2DHL
Poland16,99 €3DHL
Portugal17,60 €5DHL
Romania17,60 €2DHL
Saudi Arabia (Kingdom) (up to 4 kg)59.90 €up to 20DHL
Switzerland22,90 €5DHL
Sweden17,99 €3DHL
Zimbabwe69.90 €13DHL
Singapore up to 5 kg.59.90 €8DHL
Slovakia17,99 €3DHL
Slovenia17,99 €3DHL
Spain17,99 €5DHL
Czech republic13,99 € 3DHL/UPS
UAE United Arab Emirates up to 4 KG59.90 €12DHL
Hungary 17,60 €3DHL
Belarus23,60 €18DHL
Vatican City17,99 €8DHL
Cyprus17,60 €12DHL

* Days are the days between Monday to Friday.
Maximum delivery time of the shipping company according to their specifications. Usually, however, this is shorter. More detailed information if necessary can be found in your tracking.

If you order several items as part of an order for which different delivery times apply, the goods will be shipped in a joint shipment, unless otherwise agreed. In this case, the delivery time applicable to the item with the longest delivery time shall apply to the shipment as a whole.

Information on Calculating the Delivery Date

In the case of payment in advance by bank transfer, the period for delivery shall commence on the day after the payment order has been issued to the transferring bank or, in the case of other payment methods, on the day after conclusion of the contract and shall end on expiry of the last day of the period. If the last day of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday “officially recognised” at the place of delivery, the next working day shall take the place of such a day.

Small items cheaper shipping

Small items up to 1 kg can be shipped in an A4 envelope in Germany for 3,99 € and internationally for 10 €. This is done very inexpensively and therefore without tracking and liability. Please select this only if the goods fit into an envelope, they can arrive undamaged and you do not want any tracking. Shipments may take 1-2 days longer than indicated in the table.

Small Package – Parcel

Small items up to 1 kg can be sentinternationally with the goods post cheaper than parcels. However, the following dimensions must not be exceeded:

Dimensions and weight: Price EU NOT EU
M bis 1 kg: L: 14 – 60 cm, B: 9 – 60 cm, L+B+H: max. 90 cm = 13 € 14,00 €
L bis 2 kg: L: 14 – 60 cm, B: 9 – 60 cm, L+B+H: max. 90 cm = 24 € 24,00 €

In order to be able to name a price, I need to know what you want to buy in order to be able to determine the weight and measurements.

Therefore, you can not order the goods directly with the goods mail. In order to be able to take advantage of this, buy with the payment method: “Prepayment“. Then I can still change / adjust the shipping costs after the order. You can then pay in advance by bank transfer.

Whether you are allowed to import goods into your country, you have to clarify on your own responsibility. If it is forbidden and the package does not arrive, I cannot do anything about it and I am not liable for it.
The import regulations for countries can be found here:

So it’s your own risk.

Calculate shipping costs

By the way, you can also calculate the shipping costsin the shopping cart .

Free delivery

If other stores offer you “free delivery” on everything, remember that someone will have to pay for it. Because of course there can be no free shipping. This makes sense to everyone who wants and has to earn money for their work. Therefore, employees, producers, suppliers, the environment or we as citizens of Germany can suffer (taxes). Or pay it indirectly through the data (shopping behavior), which is revealed by the purchase, even if you may not notice or believe it. Data is the new currency… But some corporations have something completely different in mind. Therefore, perhaps it is better to act consciously and deliberately.

By the way, I do not trade the data and your “buying behavior”! However, if you buy through PayPal, you’re revealing it yourself.


If you cancel your order or refuse to accept it, return costs will be charged in addition to the shipping costs of the outward shipment, which will be deducted from any refund.

DE Germanyfrom 6,99 €
Belgium11,90 €
Bulgaria18,39 €
Denmark12,85 €
Estonia13,39 €
Finland12,85 €
France14,63 €
Ireland22,00 €
Italy16,85 €
Croatia up to 4 kg19.90 €
Latvia14,99 €
Lithuania15,85 €
Luxembourg11,90 €
Netherlands11,90 €
Austria11,90 €
Poland11,90 €
Portugal34,45 €
Romania15,49 €
Sweden23,99 €
Switzerland14,55 €
Slowakai12,38 €
Slovenia12,38 €
Spain12,38 €
Czech republic11,90 €
Hungary12,38 €
Greece28,20 €
Great Britain13,00 €
Cyprus13,21 €

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