CDL / CDH /CDS with new doser system

CDL / CDH /CDS now with new doser system

The CDH3000 with the new Doser system can now also be purchased with this new system. Just select…

The tried and tested doser system with the 10 ml syringe does not have such a long service life from the labeling of the scale if it was used for dissolving or oxidizing substances.

After some time, the scale was no longer readable. Users had their amount, which they raised by hand, already in the feeling of the wrist. So this wasn’t quite as problematic.

Now there is a system with a more durable syringe, the doser system resistant 6 DIN18 for the small DIN18 bottles and the doser system resistant 66 PP28 for the bottles with the large bottle neck opening in 28 mm. There is a syringe with a volume of 6 ml.

In addition, there is the Doser System 12 for DIN18 or

Doser system 12 also available in PP28.

These systems can be easily retrofitted if the appropriate lid is included or if you already have it.

The lid is available in black, green, or red or childproof .

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