CDL3000 TOP Premium 250 ml with dosing system
This CDL3000 TOP Premium is a chlorine dioxide variant with all the advantages of OX-IT
Purest chlorine dioxide gas in water without activator
Best light protection and protection of frequencies through Miron Violet glass
Virtually no loss of gas during extraction thanks to the dosing system with syringe
CDL means chlorine dioxide solution. The premium for the Miron glass bottle with the highest light protection as well as the high purity and the practical dosing system.
It has a chlorine dioxide content of < 0.3 % and is produced in a time-consuming electrolysis process using only sodium chlorite and has an incredibly high purity of up to 99.99 %.
No acid (activator) is used in the production process, which keeps the acid value low. The chlorine dioxide gas formed from the sodium chlorite is introduced into cold reverse osmosis water until it reaches maximum saturation. Now we have a perfect and very pure chlorine dioxide solution.
It is produced fresh for you and is supplied in an extremely light-protected mironglass bottle.
This not only protects the chlorine dioxide from faster decay due to light, but also protects all positive frequencies because others cannot get in 🙂
Keep this bottle, because it is also valuable for all other substances for which you use it and ensures a longer shelf life.
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