About me and a new quality of life

I am the person torben from the beuthien family and have been running my shop since 2009.

For me, a new quality of life means being able to free oneself from unnecessary manipulative constraints that have been brought up and have shaped. In short, to be free inside. For me, it’s not just about wanting to swim against the tide, but about letting my subconscious being create. It guides me all by itself to what is really important for my life. That would be love and harmony. Freed from constraints and fear, the power of the big picture can bring natural harmony into our lives. This pushes in my work with people.

Stress, hectic pace and pressure hardly allow love. Through a long and serious illness, my soul, through my body, made it clear to me that there was no further progress on my life path at that time. would go. It was only when I regained my harmony that I was able to prevent severe physical damage or worse.
On the way to recovery I gained completely new insights. These brought I referred from my former profession as a home manager in geriatric care to a field that I had already followed with interest from the bottom of my heart before my training. On the way I also learned great fabrics and substances that I have been researching. Finally, I made the decision to sell interesting and valuable products, without hectic, stress and the like, which I now give you here in my Online shop.

My main interest lies in the research of the mental background of problems and blockages in life. After all, I develop solutions that are easy to implement. You can get a little insight into this topic on www.ganzheitliche-harmonisierung.de.

A new life motto has given rise to a new quality of life. Looking for a name for my shop, my wife and I came up with the name “New Quality of Life”. I hope that you will also discover your new quality of life.

With your purchase from me, you are not buying from a large corporation or even a monopolist. Unfortunately, humanity is usually not capitalized in these cases, but is often deleted. Everything in the sense of money and authority is the most important thing. Greenpeace once summed it up with the slogan: “Greed is the problem”. This, in turn, was often taught to us. Who wakes up and sees that a pretended freedom counts for nothing and you only trust the wrong dream, which then also knows that “everyone against everyone” is the wrong way. So I’m offering you a real alternative here.

With Handmade and a lot of love, I take care of the products that I offer you in my shop. I am happy to give you answers from my experiences and look after you as a person and customer.

Now have fun shopping.

best regards
torben by nlq24

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