Problem registering or ordering?

Do you have a problem registering or ordering?

For example, do you not receive an e-mail if you want to register in the shop?

Do you also not receive an email with an order confirmation or if you have written to me?

If so, this may be due to censorship, e.g. by google.

This company has taken measures to “prevent and protect against SPAM” so that certain mails no longer arrive in your e-mail account.

This means that it is no longer possible for you to do what you want and with whomever you want.

In this case, I would urgently change the mail provider if he prevents what I want.

Even in expert circles and with many providers, there are apparently problems with the data octopus.

best regards

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2 thoughts on “Problem registering or ordering?

    • torben von says:

      Hello Joea,
      that is normal. DMSO is building crystals, when you store unter + 18° !
      Look in the discription:
      At low temperatures (below +18°C), DMSO can crystallize. For this reason it should be stored at over 20°C. Should the DMSO crystallize due to too cool storage, simply heat it in a warm water bath. The temperature of the water should not exceed 40°C. This gentle warming makes it liquid and usable again. Heat it nevers in a microwave oven.

      It is interesting to note that DMSO does not expand during freezing, such as water. No, it contracts and crystallizes.
      best regards

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