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New bank details – old ones are no longer applicable!

New bank details – old ones are no longer applicable! As previously announced, I moved from the insolvent Fidor Bank to Wise in Belgium.That’s why I’m not going to use Fidor Bank for transfers anymore, because I may no longer be able to assign payments if I don’t know about them or if they come […]

Filter set 10 inch for 7-star system available again!

Many customers have already been waiting for the 10 inch filter set for the 7-star reverse osmosis system. Now the set, consisting of 5 filters, is back in stock. Better stock up now. Who knows what will happen next. And don’t forget: Order the Energy+ energizing cartridge at the same time. best regards torben

Comusav and Chlordioxid

Comusav and Chlordioxid I found an interesting page on the use of chlorine dioxide on According to its own information, COMUSAV is a non-profit organization consisting of physicians, scientists, health professionals from various disciplines, as well as other people interested and open-minded about health. Maybe an interesting read

Sodium chlorite + hydrochloric acid back in stock

Chlorine dioxide and corona virus

Sodium chlorite 25 % and hydrochloric acid 4 % are now fully available again. There was previously a small bottleneck due to increased demand. However, this resulted in only small delays. Now you can disinfect again. Use the chlorine dioxide set against bacteria, viruses, fungi and small parasites. Keep your water clean and stay or […]