Invoices on paper?

Invoices on paper?

Dear fellow human being, who makes me happy with his order!

From my conversations I know that many do not need a printed invoice. The entire order runs online and the invoice is also sent by eMail. Even the payments usually arrive the same. Only when buying on account this is different and I will continue to attach an invoice.

In principle, however, I will no longer put an invoice in the package.

This saves not only time but also toner, maintenance, electricity, paper and also a bit of weight :-). And everything is getting more and more expensive…. and I don’t necessarily want to participate in this madness. However, if you see it in real life, it is not the prices that are rising, but the money is worth less or soon nothing at all. It’s called “inflation.” But I don’t want to go too far here…

If you still want a paper invoice in the package, please let me know in the comments column when ordering. Then, of course, you will receive them.

Greetings and a nice time of cosiness


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