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Activation of CDH3000 LONG

Activation of the long-lasting chlorine dioxide solution CDH3000 LONG Activating CDH3000 LONG is easy: After that, the chlorine dioxide solution is ready for operation. Until activation, the stock solution has a shelf life of years. Further information:The doser system – clean and loss-free dosing With the Doser system you can dose cleanly and accurately as […]

Using the Doser system

Using the Doser System for Removal and Dosing The doser system – clean and loss-free dosing With the Doser system you can dose cleanly and accurately as well as remove liquids from glass bottles without loss. A clean dosage, especially of CDL/CDS/CDH is important in order not to have a loss of chlorine dioxide gas […]

CDH3000 Lactic acid with dosing system

CDH3000 Lactic acid

TheCDH3000 MS, which is activated with lactic acid, is now also available with a doser system in the 100 ml variant. The bottle contains a Doser-System DIN18 with a 12 ml syringe. This way you can remove it perfectly and measure it just as easily. And all in one operation. Due to the doser system […]

Chordioxid CDS/CDL in variants

Chordioxid CDS/CDL in variants Chordioxid CDL/CDS is now available in a wide range of variants. I have listed the differences for you in the chlorine dioxide category. Each variant has its own advantages. However, my customers especially love the dosage system. It is dosing system with the dosing syringe. Mit dieser können Sie das CDL […]

Chlorine dioxide crisis preparedness

Chlorine dioxide is ideal for disinfecting drinking water as a crisis precaution. Especially in the case of crisis precautions, you should therefore remember to always have sufficient supplies in the house. I offer chlorine dioxide solutions (CDL) here in different variants. The ready activated chlorine dioxide solution with hydrochloric acid is called CDH3000. If you […]

Sodium chlorite + hydrochloric acid sets no longer on Ebay

Chlorine dioxide set - sodium chlorite 25 % + hydrochloric acid 4 % 100 ml glass bottles

Some customers may have noticed that sodium chlorite + hydrochloric acid sets are no longer available on Ebay. Have you also tried to buy it there recently? Allegedly the sale violates any regulations, which are however not comprehensible and are also not mentioned by ebay. Funny, isn’t it? Therefore it is all the more important […]

CDL/CDS Chlorine dioxide with dosing system

CDH3000 - Chlorine dioxide solution 0.3 % - (CDL)

CDL/CDS Chlorine dioxide with dosing systemIn times of crisis, for whatever reason, it can be life-changing to have a disinfectant on hand that works reliably. Chlorine dioxide (CDL/CDS) I have been leading this to my shop since 2009: the CDH3000 from OX-IT and this is only available with the original “Doser” dosing system! The CDH3000 […]

Chlorine dioxide and viruses

Some customers are currently asking whether chlorine dioxide would also oxidise corona viruses. And in fact there is a study that already proved this in 2005. This one I found HERE . The persistence (i.e. the resistance of compounds to their degradation) of the severe acute respiratory syndrome associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) was observed in faeces, […]

Corona Virus an a simple Solution

Corona Viruses – Simple Solutions Viruses, drinking water and reverse osmosis Viruses could in principle also be transmitted via drinking water. However, viruses that enter the environment via wastewater and, due to their stability, may retain their infectivity for a certain period of time are important for drinking water treatment. Essentially, this includes the group […]