Activation of CDH3000 LONG

Activation of the long-lasting chlorine dioxide solution CDH3000 LONG

Activating CDH3000 LONG is easy:

  1. Open the large bottle with the sodium chlorite stock solution.
  2. open the small bottle with the activator.
  3. pour the complete contents of the activator into the stock solution.
  4. Press the Doser insert (round plastic insert) with your thumb into the neck of the bottle of the stock solution until it rests flush.
  5. Close the lid of the stock solution.
  6. Allow the bottle to activate in the dark at room temperature for 12 hours.

After that, the chlorine dioxide solution is ready for operation.

Until activation, the stock solution has a shelf life of years.

Further information:
The doser system – clean and loss-free dosing

With the Doser system you can dose cleanly and accurately as well as remove liquids from glass bottles without loss.
A clean dosage, especially of CDL/CDS/CDH is important in order not to have a loss of chlorine dioxide gas by opening the bottle.
The escape is prevented by the plastic insert of the doser system, which is called “doser insert”. This doser insert is pressed into the neck of the glass bottle with the thumb until it is flush.
The knobs ensure that it does not detach from the bottle again.

The doser insert has only a very small outlet hole, from which hardly any gas can escape.
The supplied syringe fits exactly into the doser insert.

How to use the Doser system?

Once the doser insert has been pressed firmly into the bottle with the thumb, it is flush with the surface and ready for removal.

  1. Screw on the bottle
  2. Press the doser (syringe) firmly into the doser insert (plastic insert).
  3. Turn the bottle over so that the liquid can reach the syringe.
  4. Remove liquid with the syringe (draw it up) and measure it by reading it on the scale.
  5. Close the bottle with lid tightly and use the liquid from the can.
  6. After use, rinse the doser with clean water (so that it lasts longer).

Tip for the PP28 doser system:

Should the doser ever become stiffer, simply pull the plunger out of the syringe housing and grease the rubber at the lower end with a little cooking oil. Then again
Slide in and move up and down a few times. Then it becomes smoother again…

With the scale you can measure the required quantities even more accurately than with the system with the 10 ml doser (syringe).

Enjoy the system!

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