Welcome to NLQ24.de

Welcome to NLQ24.de. HereI offer you interesting substances in different variants, alternative substances -. Chlorine dioxide/ Typ MMS/ CDH3000/CDL – DMSO – MKB Vital – DMKB – Collolidal siber with gold – minerals, such as Bentonite, Baking soda, Himalayan Salt, Xylit Birkenzucker – enteric-coated empty capsules – bottles, Closure, Sprayer bottles, Doser-System – Tachyon products […]

Sofortüberweisung – additional authentication required

Sofortüberweisung points out that the logins to banks have changed after a new law in the EU. The banks must then add an additional authentication step, the so-called second factor, to the login to your online banking. This means that, in addition to your previous password, you must authenticate yourself with your bank in another […]

Do you have a gmail, google or t-online mail account? – Problem registering or ordering…

Do you have a problem registering or ordering? For example, do you not receive an e-mail if you want to register in the shop? Do you also not receive an email with an order confirmation or if you have written to me? If so, this may be due to censorship, e.g. by google. This company […]

Seduction by paying in installments – one pays the bill

PayPal currently offers merchants installment payment for their customers. And that too with gender “:”innen 🤮 . Here again we have the diabolical seduction of convenience… They write that I offer PayPal (I actually don’t like that either, as you know. But some stubbornly cling to the old rip-off system. And that’s despite the fact […]

Higher shipping costs – DHL goes along nicely…. 🚚 – #Klimaschwindel

Dear customers, currently there are price increases again. This time in the shipping area by DHL. Of course, the awakened know that this is 1. is the depreciation of the money and it is 2. is home-made in order to damage the German economy, as has already been increasingly observed in the last 2 years. […]