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Welcome to NLQ24.de. HereI offer you interesting substances in different variants, alternative substances -. Chlorine dioxide/ Typ MMS/ CDH3000/CDL – DMSO – MKB Vital – DMKB – Collolidal siber with gold – minerals, such as Bentonite, Baking soda, Himalayan Salt, Xylit Birkenzucker – enteric-coated empty capsules – bottles, Closure, Sprayer bottles, Doser-System – Tachyon products […]

Sofortüberweisung – additional authentication required

Sofortüberweisung points out that the logins to banks have changed after a new law in the EU. The banks must then add an additional authentication step, the so-called second factor, to the login to your online banking. This means that, in addition to your previous password, you must authenticate yourself with your bank in another […]