Shipping to Switzerland

2 options for shipping to Switzerland for my customers:

  1. Delivery through my shop to Switzerland
  2. Delivery via the service of

Re 1.) Delivery through my shop to Switzerland

The shipping to Switzerland and the import is basically no problem for me. The parcel is duly declared with a customs declaration and sent to the recipient in Switzerland. There are always questions regarding import duties and taxes, such as VAT, which I can hardly answer from here. I send your parcel with DHL to Switzerland. The Swiss Post will take it over there.

You can obtain information on the frequently asked questions on the above topics from Swiss Post, for example.
or here about the prices for customs clearance customs duties and fees for import packages (with video explanation).

There you will receive an approximate estimate of shipping to Switzerland and import. Please understand that I cannot give any binding information.

By the way: So far all parcels sent have arrived in Switzerland.

2. Delivery via the service of

However, some purchases are not permitted when purchasing over acids, food, enteric-coated empty capsules and colloidal silver. A list of prohibited goods can be found on their page.

How does work?

Via, private customers and companies domiciled or domiciled in Switzerland (or Liechtenstein) can buy goods from online retailers in Germany and have them sent to their address in Switzerland.

As a customer of, you will receive an email address for this purpose. If you use this email address and purchase and pay for goods on behalf of MeinEinkauf GmbH (Germany), your purchase will be delivered directly to you in Switzerland by MeinEinkauf AG (Switzerland).

You would not pay any import duties or presentation taxes.

More information can be found on their website:

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