TDS Operating Instructions

TDS Operating Instructions

TDS Meter – measuring device for water

What is a TDS?:

TDS is an abbreviation for “Total dissolved solids” and indicates the total dissolved solids (minerals, metals, salts, foreign substances, etc.) in the water. The unit ppm (parts per million) means parts of a million. The higher the value, the more likely it is that there are impurities in the water that can prevent water absorption into the cells and thus pose a health risk. If you measure your tap water, you sometimes get values between 200 and 700 ppm. In my view, a value between 0 and a maximum of 50 ppm is optimal. Therefore, I would change filters of reverse osmosis systems at a value above 50 ppm. Otherwise, too many foreign substances are present, which in turn indicates contamination. Pure water can also better absorb and discharge other molecules.

However, the TDS only measures the number of dissolved solids in the water that are conductive. It is not a chemical analysis of the water according to its ingredients. Therefore these are purely quantitative measurements.

Possible applications:

Testing the water hardness and performance of your water purification system.

Functions: On/Off – button turns the device on or off. The HOLD function saves the measurement.


Measuring range: 0 – 9990 ppm in 1 ppm steps. Precision: +/- 2%. Auto shutdown after 10 minutes. Working temperature range: 0 to 50 °C. Size: 142 x 25 x 15 mm. Weight ca. 36 g. Automatic temperature compensation Batteries: 2 x 1.5 V button cells. Operation:

1. pull off protective cap Press the On/Off key “000” is displayed. 3. immerse in the water up to the mark and wait for a stable display (10-30 sec). 4. Press hold button and the result is stored legibly. Remove from the water. 5. Press on/off button to switch off 6. Shake off the residual water from the device and wipe it off, put the protective cap back on.

Please note:

Do not use the device in water with temperatures above 50 °C. Do not dive it deeper than to the end of the protective cap. The device is adjusted and generally does not need to be adjusted. Do not store the device in the sun or at high temperatures. The battery compartment is located at the top of the head of the device.

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TDS User Manual V 2.0

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