Frequency technology

Electrosmog is also called “electromagnetic smog”. This term describes the accumulation of electromagnetic radiation or even the frequencies associated with it. This form of radiation is classified as non-ionizing radiation. This means that electromagnetic waves do not produce the energy needed to remove electrons from atoms or molecules. Electrosmog can have a negative impact on the health of sensitive people and animals. Therefore, it could be dangerous if you regularly expose yourself to large amounts of electrosmog and this is not compensated. Many people notice this as well.

Unrecognized hazard?
Almost every person is exposed to a considerable amount of electrosmog every day. And this often without being aware of the sources and thus the possible influence on his health. It has already been observed by some people that electromagnetic smog can have significant effects on health. Signs can be problems with balance, inner peace and your harmony. If you feel uncomfortable since the purchase of equipment, electrosmog could be a possible reason. Known sources are e.g. WLAN, Bluetooth, microwave or your cell phone.

Provide protection
Protect yourself and your loved ones from frequencies that may not be good for you. I offer products and solutions for this from the company Meditech.

Electrosmog measurement
If you want to have a proof of the presence of electrosmog, you can measure it with electrosmog meters. A magnetic field measuring device offers help in this regard. This allows you to read for yourself how high the radiation exposure really is in your house or elsewhere.
The advantage of an electrosmog detector is that it is compact and can be easily taken along. But if you already know that you are sensitive, you can remedy the situation directly by using frequency technology.

How is electrosmog generated?
An unwanted electromagnetic radiation can be caused by in the domestic area for example by (wireless) household appliances, communication devices and security devices. These include, for example:
· Microwaves
· Wireless doorbell (radio bells)
· Laptop and Computers
· Solar panels
· Induction plates
· Wi-Fi
· Bluetooth
· Cell phone
Unfortunately, chances are all too good that you have one or even more of the above devices at home or use them elsewhere. How many of the products can you recognize and check off in their environment?
Are they perhaps the cause and consequences of exposure.
Thanks to Meditech’s many years of experience with electrosmog, I can now offer you solutions.
Your advantages:
✓ Effectively neutralize electromagnetic radiation.
✓ More balance and peace in your environment
✓ High quality products

Solutions for electrosmog
I offer you equal Multiple solutions to energetically improve your environment and eliminate disturbances.

Neutralization of harmful wavelengths
1. the living environment polarizer
A device that you can install in a fixed place in your home is the Living environment polarizer. Its antenna system neutralizes harmful wavelengths. In addition, the device restores normal, natural frequencies, enhanced improved. Thanks to the Living environment polarizer you can prevent the invisible unwanted radiation and turn it into something positive. The quality of your water at home is also positively influenced by the device.

High energy water
Is the electrical wiring system in your home grounded to the water main? Then the electrical patterns of the substances in the water are also corrected thanks to the polarizer. Normally, water dissipates energies. With the polarizer we give the water energy instead. Thus, the life field polarizer immediately improves the quality of the water in your home as well.

Harmony through the Schumam frequency
2. The Dual earth frequency generator
An innovation from Meditech Europe, the new Dual earth frequency generator (Dual Earth Frequency Generator). This device is well suited for you if you want to live a “radiation conscious life” and minimize risks. The new Dual earth frequency generator generates the Schumann resonance (the earth frequency) of 7.83 Hz and transmits it into your living environment.
It is the earth frequency, which is indispensable for the well-being of all life on earth and thus also for the human being!
If this frequency is not present or is displaced by other radiation such as 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microwave, or the cell phone, you may experience symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, stress, or general malaise. The body could be out of balance and then vague complaints such as fatigue, headaches and others may occur.
With my new Dual earth frequency generator you can do something about it, bring the resonance of Mother Earth back into your life.
The new Dual earth frequency generator emits a vibration field of just this 7.83 Hz. With the help of a transmission system improved in December 2020, this oscillating field is even stronger and therefore even better suited to neutralize for us the ever-increasing mass of alien radiation around us. With the new Dual earth frequency generator it is possible to better harmonize your living environment but also your working environment. It can also help improve sleep, relieve tension and pain, and harmonize disturbances in drinking and eating.

We provide further information on this in our Blog article: „Back to your natural frequency with the Dual earth frequency generator“.

Buy today the new Dual earth frequency generator!

The living environment polarizer 3
This antenna system, which absorbs, combines (concentrates), regroups, reverses (inverts) and re-radiates an infinite range of wavelengths, can bring a new harmony into your life. This version is designed specifically for your living and working environment. By connecting to the power outlet, you increase the antenna system and increase the range many times.

How does polarization work?
Radiation is everywhere these days. Think microwaves, televisions, fluorescent lights, television and radar stations, microwave transmission towers, transmission towers, radio and telephone equipment, the DECT phone, computers, the power grid, tools and equipment powered by AC motors. Then on top of all that, there are domestic influences such as Wi-Fi, WLAN, cell phones, and also the “smart meter” electricity meter in your meter cabinet.

I find it completely unacceptable that such a large number of unnatural radiation sources could cause serious damage to health.
Why should you use a living environment polarizer 3?
– A Living environment polarizer 3 Protects and optimizes the biological systems and all forms of life.
– Every medium such as: Water, liquids, food, plants as well as humans and animals have a frequency field and thus also transmit information. In addition to normalizing the electromagnetic environment and reducing electrosmog, our energy field (also called aura) is protected by eliminating obstructive dissonant vibrations in.
– In addition to protecting against and neutralizing harmful wavelengths, this polarizer also has a restorative, amplifying and vitalizing effect on the normal frequencies of cellular vibrations.
– If the electrical wiring system in your home is grounded to the water supply, as is required in many countries, the polarizer will also correct the electrical patterns of the substances contained in the water. The water is energized and used in such a way that the vibrations are better than any commercially distilled water. This was tested.

How does the Living Environment Polarizer 3 work?
– This polarizer is not powered by batteries. Therefore, the performance is consistently high. It has a built-in antenna system. The Living environment polarizer 3 Plugs into an electrical outlet and uses the wiring in the house’s circuit as an antenna.
– All parts of the Living environment polarizer 3 are intensively “treated” with frequencies in a “bath of frequencies”. These are programmed for one hour with the information from the “multiwave oscillator”. This uses a frequency range of 144 Hz to 12,300 GHz. The power of the new Living environment polarizer 3 is therefore even more intensive and thus brings an advantage over the predecessor models.
– This polarizer is specially designed for your home or work space. It uses the entire cabling system there as a powerful antenna.
– Harmonic vibrations are transmitted to the entire property and surroundings. The electric fields of all devices connected to the power grid are thus in harmony with the biological life systems.
– Normally, only one polarizer is needed for each electrical power system. However, more may be required for heavy loads.
Be careful when using the Living environment polarizer transport:
It should not fall down or get wet! If this happens accidentally and it makes a rattling sound when you shake the device slightly, send it in for repair or replacement.
Now have fun with the new harmony!
Frenquency technique for harmony – against negative frequencies – earth frequency generator produces Schumann frequency – earth frequency – be healthy

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