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Doser-System DIN18-es

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And there’s some news that might revolutionize the use of liquid substances for you.

The Doser System 6 ml resistant – 28mm

With this new dosing system, you can easily and cleanly remove liquids from amber glass and Miron glass bottles and at the same time measure them easily and very accurately.
And it is much more durable than the previous doser system.

Thank you very much for your attention ;-).

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torben – Alternative substances, prepared with love and by hand.
Chlorine dioxide/ type MMS/ CDH3000 ( CDS / CDL ) DMSOMKB Vital DMKBColloidal Silver with Gold
– Minerals: bentonite , baking soda, Himalayan salt, xylitol, birch sugar
Bottles, caps, spray bottles, dosing system
water filters, reverse osmosis systems and accessories,
Shower filters, tachyon energy products.

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