Manual dual earth frequency generator

Instructions for the dual earth frequency generator

Instruction manual for your dual earth frequency generator

1) Insert the 1.5 volt AAA batteries. To rule out startup problems with the processor, YOU MUST PRESS THE BUTTON WHEN INSERTING THE BATTERIES.

2) When the button is released, the yellow and green LEDs light up for about a second.

3) When the green LED starts flashing in the 0.5 second interval, the EFG is in “7.83 Hz active mode”. The device will remain in this mode (does not go off).

4) Press the button again (at least 0.3 sec., but you can also hold the button firmly pressed), then both LEDs will start flashing. The EFG is now in “3.91 Hz sleep mode”, which goes into “7.83 Hz active mode” after half an hour.

5) Press the button again; now only the yellow light flashes and the “3.92 Hz sleep mode” is activated. After 30 minutes, the device turns off.

6) If you press the button again, both LEDs will start flashing and the device will turn off after one second.

7) When you press the button again, the EFG will be turned on again and will immediately be in “7.83 Hz active mode”. Only the green LED will flash. The EFG is back in mode 3.

After pressing the button, the LEDs flash with an interval of 0.5 seconds. To save electricity, it slowly goes into a time interval of 3 seconds.

The current through the Möbius coil is pulse-like and has a peak value of 2.5 mA. The frequencies are 7.83 and 3.92 Hz.

LED = light-emitting diode/light bulb.

Technical recommendation: Avoid humidity, heat and extreme cold.

Replace batteries:

Loosen the screw on the back of the Dual EFG and replace or insert the batteries.

Check that the 1.5 volt AAA batteries are inserted correctly (plus and minus poles).

Place both parts of the housing exactly on top of each other again and tighten the screw again. Check that both parts mesh well.

Enjoy your Dual Earth Frequency Generator (EFG).


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