Payment methods and further information

Payment methods:
I offer you various payment options, which I will explain in more detail below.

1. payment in advance:
Simply pay by bank transfer in advance. Once the payment has been confirmed, your order will be processed immediately. You are protected by your right of withdrawal.
Payment should be made promptly, within a week at the latest, so that the processing can be carried out quickly. You can find the details of the transfer on your order confirmation in the shop and by email.

I explain how you can transfer more easily at the bottom of the last point under “My tip“. If you want it to go faster, use the flash purchase! (see 3.) .

SEPA INFO for free transfer from ABROAD to the SEPA member states, so also to me :-). The transfer to my Wise account in Belgium is also a normal SEPA transfer, like a domestic transfer.

Important for customers from Switzerland:

Instead of an expensive international bank transfer, which usually costs considerable fees, you simply use the cost-neutral SEPA procedure for your payment (Single Euro Payments Area). In the SEPA procedure there are no separate reception or shipment fees. This means that the bank transfer does not cost more than a domestic bank transfer!

This is possible because Switzerland participates in SEPA.

From the following countries you can use SEPA to transfer funds to me:

country name
IBANStarts with
BulgariaBG22We can also send Bulgarian Lev to Bulgaria
Czech RepublicCZ24We can send and receive Czech Koruna to and from the Czech Republic
FinlandFI18Including Åland Islands (only payment)
FranceFR27Including French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin
(French part) and Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Does not include French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna and French Southern and Antarctic Lands
GibraltaGI23We can also send GBP to Gibraltar. For more information see our GBP article here.
Greece*GR27*Due to the current situation in Greece, regulations allow only 1000 EUR per customer to be sent out of the country per month.
HungaryHU28We can also send and receive Hungarian Forint to and from Hungary
Monaco MC27
San MarinoSM27
UK Great BritainGB22

Don’t let the bank burden you unnecessarily with a foreign bank transfer and its extra charges.

The following currencies are possible:

Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krone, Icelandic Krone, Czech Krone, Złoty, Forint, Bulgarian Lev, Romanian Leu, Croatian Kuna.

However, payments to me are only permitted in Euro.
With SEPA, transfers from abroad take about 1-2 business days. This is even faster than the “international bank transfer”, which is subject to charges.

2. PayPal
It’s better not to pay via the data octopus ;-).
Use the other quick solution: Pay easily and quickly via flash purchase (see 3.)
– That doesn’t make the giant even richer and us less glassy. 😉

3. FLASHKAUF (fast prepayment) – Save 2%!
Here’s how the flash purchase works:
1. Order in the shop.
2. For the payment method, select “Prepayment by bank transfer”.
3. Proceed to checkout. There you will find the text in the upper left corner:

“Do you have a coupon code? Click here to enter your voucher.”

Click on “Enter Coupon” and enter the coupon code: ” Flash Purchase” and then click on APPLY COUPON.
Now the 2% is deducted!
3. Then transfer the amount for your order online or with normal bank transfer. This way you use your secure, familiar free banking and don’t give anyone the data you bought ;-).
4. After completing the order, you will send me a short confirmation by email that you have made the payment. Then I can process your order! And it’s just as fast as PayPal. But it gives you your valuable “behavioral data” that the data octopuses are after and me the transaction costs of it. For this, you will receive the 2%…

4. Purchase on account: If you have already successfully completed an order in this shop, the “purchase on account” can be selected automatically. Pay for your order conveniently and calmly on account after receipt of the goods, within 7 days. This means that we do not use any additional “payment service providers” that tap into data…

My tip: Make your online payment faster and easier:
The IBAN numbers are long. To transfer quickly and easily, simply use the following option:
Open the email with your order confirmation. There you will find the IBAN and the data you need for the transfer. In another window, open your online banking.
It’s that simple:
1. Mark the recipient’s IBAN number (found in the order confirmation) with the left mouse button.
2. Click the right mouse button and select “COPY“.
3. Click with the left mouse button in the IBAN field of your online banking. Press the right mouse button and select “PASTE“.
The long IBAN is already in your online banking.
Now just enter recipient, amount and order number, send and confirm with TAN.
The payment is ready.

Confirmation of payment: After your transfer you will see a confirmation of transfer. With the “PRINT” key on the keyboard you can copy it and then insert “PASTE” into the email with the right mouse button. You can simply send me this confirmation by email. Then the order can be processed immediately.

Payment by credit card:

Payment by credit card is currently only possible via PayPal (but not welcome…). You do not need to be registered with PayPal. This is how this payment method works:

Pay as guest without Paypal account

There are two small restrictions if you want to pay without an account: You are only allowed to pay three times in this way for a maximum of 1500 euros. With every purchase as a guest, PayPal compares your bank and address data with the Credit Bureau. Therefore, I do not recommend this method, but the flash purchase (3).

  1. Select “PayPal” as the payment method in the shop. You will then be redirected to the PayPal page for payment.
  2. There you will find another field under the login mask with the label: “Pay by direct debit or credit card”).
  3. Click on this option and fill in the corresponding payment option.
  4. Then complete the checkout process.

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