CDL/CDS Chlorine dioxide with dosing system

CDH3000 - Chlorine dioxide solution 0.3 % - (CDL)

CDL/CDS Chlorine dioxide with dosing system
In times of crisis, for whatever reason, it can be life-changing to have a disinfectant on hand that works reliably. Chlorine dioxide (CDL/CDS) I have been leading this to my shop since 2009: the CDH3000 from OX-IT and this is only available with the original “Doser” dosing system!

The CDH3000 CDL/CDS chlorine dioxide with dosing system is available in various variants. Surely there is something for you! The great thing about this CDL /chlorine dioxide solution is that you can use a dosing syringe (dosingsystem PP28) for the bottles. There is now also a dosing system for DIN18 bottles,i.e. those for these small drip bottles. With this system it is possible to dose the chlorine dioxide solution (CDL) safely and odourless and without loss of efficacy.

For an even longer shelf life of the chlorine dioxide solution (CDL), you also have the option to order the CDH3000 in a purple Miron glass bottle. Due to the increased light protection, the solution is longer-lasting.

All the best!
Torben Beuthien

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