5G and other radiation

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5G and other radiation

5 G is partially activated. 5 G und andere Strahlung könnten Probleme bereiten.

The introduction of 5th generation mobile internet as the successor to the 4G network provides a faster and more reliable mobile network, it says. While this means only good news for some, others are mainly concerned with the disadvantages of 5G and the 5G radiation hazard. People who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation in particular fear that the advent of 5G could bring health problems.

What does electromagnetic radiation do to the body?

Electromagnetic radiation can have different origins. For example, there is man-made radiation, such as the new 5G radiation, Wi-Fi or, for example, radiation from a microwave oven. But did you know that radiation also occurs naturally on Earth? Think, for example, of radioactive elements in the earth’s soil such as thorium and uranium or cosmic radiation from space.

Unlike radioactive radiation, electromagnetic fields do not damage tissue or DNA. Nevertheless, if they are strong enough, they can influence the body in other ways.

Senses or nerves can be stimulated by strong, low-frequency electromagnetic fields, such as high-voltage power lines. Strong high-frequency electromagnetic fields, such as 5G masts and mobile phones, could heat up the body. Exposure limits should ensure that electromagnetic fields remain below these strengths.

What are the most common complaints about 5G radiation?

Despite exposure limits and levels, there are people who attribute health complaints to radiation. People with electrohypersensitivity already suffer from complaints caused by 5G radiation below the legal limits. They suffer from symptoms such as tinnitus and wheezing, a feeling of light in the head or headaches and pressure on the eardrums as a result of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. If this stress continues, it can lead to complaints as diverse as dizziness, concentration problems, nausea, allergies, fatigue, sleep disorders and even depression.

Although there is still much scientific uncertainty about electrohypersensitivity and whether 5G is harmful to health, it appears that the symptoms are the result of chronic stress caused by the radiation.

What to do about 5G radiation?

Although it cannot yet be proven beyond doubt that 5G is bad for you and that 5G radiation is harmful to your health, you can protect yourself from radiation in general. With our extensive knowledge and experience in this area, Meditech can help with products that I carry:

Dual Earth Frequency Generator and the

Living environment polarizer

Should you suffer from a disturbed energy balance, you can use these solutions that could help you to restore this balance. The Dual Earth Frequency Generator can even block external radiation and help restore the natural resonance of the Earth in your life. The living environment polariser absorbs radiation, turns it around and neutralises its negative effect.

These aids could reduce complaints such as fatigue, headaches, anxiety and other stress complaints mentioned above. Try it out!

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