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The Schumann frequency and how we can use it.

Back to your natural frequency with the Dual earth frequency Generator

Our planet “sings” for us. He “hums” his “song” quietly and constantly since the beginning of our beautiful planet. On a frequency that we normally cannot hear, but which our body constantly senses and is energetically nourished by it. At least, when this quiet voice is not silenced by all the noise of our Western society. The Schumann frequency was named after the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. These are specific frequencies that produce waves along the circumference of the earth. So, so to speak, a vibration pattern with which the earth “pulsates”. This frequency is also called the “fundamental frequency of the earth”. It is said to be sustained by the energy of lightning discharges.

Could it be that so-called “diseases of affluence” that run rampant in the Western world like raging forest fires are related to the absence of this “song of life” from Mother Earth?

7.83 Hertz is the frequency at which the space between our planet and the ionosphere vibrates. It is the constant, soothing “hum” that has permeated and nourished life since the birth of planet Earth. Research even seems to point in the direction of a connection between this earth frequency and the origin of life as a whole. But our hunger for technical progress has led us further and further away from this beneficial vibration. All the more we seem to thirst for the Schumann frequency. The Duale Earth frequency Generatorcan help here.

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