Information about the Earth Frequency Generator

Information about the EarthFreqzenz Generator
by Hessel Hoornveld.

Information about the EarthFreqzenz Generator by Hessel Hoornveld. Dual earth frequency generator. According to the doctor Dr. Puharich, healing is an ordering and restoring process. The Dual Earth Frequency Generator is no longer unknown and has been used for many years to optimize well-being. It is really worth experiencing how important the Schuman or earth frequency is. The fact that science has been dealing with this phenomenon for many years is shown by the research of Dr. Glen Rein and Dr. Puharich. Without this technology, astronauts would not be able to fly into space. Restlessness, excitement, stress, overactive children, adults and a feeling of restlessness are familiar to all of us. The Schuman (7.83 Hz) or earth frequency is no longer nearly strong enough. We live in a constant sensory overload. Institutions, government agencies, and their policymakers are incompetent or blind to the problem. Ignore the studies and serious health issues that are the result of our wireless age. You can’t hear, see, smell or taste it (although it’s measurable)! We are involuntarily burdened for a long time by all sorts.B of influences, such as extremely low frequencies, high voltage cables both above and below ground, radar, GSM, UMTS, Wifi, Dect phones, television, baby monitors, light sources, car, radar measuring systems, satellites, computers, waterbeds, electric alarm clocks, quartz watches and so on. In recent decades, pollution in this area has increased dramatically and we live in constant radiation fields that cause the necessary stress to all living organisms. question? At lectures or seminars, I often ask the question? Who wants a UMTS mast in their backyard? There is probably a 100% certainty that you do not want this. How is it then that people have a Dect telephone system in their house or, for example, Wifi. Whether that would make a difference. More information on The EGF is not there to solve all this, we are responsible for that. That the EFG makes it much more pleasant, however, is a step towards the solution. Planet Earth moves in a natural ELF signal range (Extremely Low Frequency), which averages between 7 and 9 Hertz. Research with animals has shown that when this natural frequency is altered for a period of time, reproduction and others Systems of the body are immediately affected. If one measures the natural frequency radiation of the human brain in a space shielded from all possible influences, the brain signal (alpha waves) is identical to the frequency emitted by Mother Earth (Schuman frequency). The Dual Earth Frequency Generator is an ingenious instrument that emits the Schuman frequency (7.83Hz) in conjunction with an energetic system. Sleep mode transmits a frequency of 3.91Hz. This puts you in a more relaxed mood and you can fall asleep better. Sometimes you have to get used to the energy that the EFG emits. But often the calming effect occurs after a short time. Children become calmer and can concentrate better. Sleep returns and you wake up more rested. A sense of well-being will be your share. In case of pain, the EGF is often applied to the painful area by laying on it. Put a glass of wine or coffee next to your EFG and experience the change of taste in a short time. The taste of the water becomes softer and many people report that the water has a beneficial effect after treatment with the EFG. It is often reported that allergic reactions disappear. If you place the EFG in your living room, office or in your pocket, you will experience the special effect of this small instrument. A test in Cyprus by a certified therapist who performed the test according to the full method showed that in a patient who was hypersensitive to all sorts of substances, these reactions disappeared. if the EGF has been placed on the body. Dual earth frequency generator We were able to develop the Dual EFG thanks to the research of Dr. Puharich, Dr. Glen Rein, Tesla, Mobious, Schuman and others. For more information, see the book “The Maverick” about the life of Dr. Puharich. The technology of the EGF was essentially developed by Dr. Puharich in the years 1976 to 1984 and refined by us. Puharich researched the dangerous effects of weak electromagnetic radiation and also the radiation released by a number of toxic chemicals. The investigations were partly carried out with the help of a so-called dark field microscope (with a resolution of up to 15 angstroms at a magnification of 140,000 times), which was developed by the scientist Gaston Naesssens from Sherbrook, Quebec (Canada). His observations in vivo showed that certain frequencies were able to effectively reverse harmful cell growth. A healing frequency is the resonance vibration of the Earth’s magnetic field, near 8Hz, which promotes the healing process, Dr. Puharich describes “healing” as an ordering and repairing process in biological systems. The basis of this effect lies in the magnetic oscillation of the nuclei of each atom, molecule or chemical compound in the body. The mating constants of protons in hydrogen between two adjacent hydrogen atoms in a molecule fall within the range of extremely low frequencies (ELF). For example, the unknown carcinogenic molecule ethylene oxide shows a 3.2 Hz oscillation in the J-band. If a mouse is irradiated with the same electromagnetic (EM) frequency, skin cancer develops within 24 hours. On the other hand, a scarce 8Hz can be a central frequency: just as innocent lympotropic viruses can be converted into malignant HLTV III forms by certain ELF frequencies, another frequency can mutate the HLTV III virus into a harmless form. The same bidirectional effect can be applied to the atom-penetrating wave generated by Dr. Puharich’s ELF generator; a longitudinal (scalar) EM wave that propagates through so-called Mobious stripe solonoids. Eventually, such mobiousstrips were coupled to the movement of a quartz watch, resulting in the Teslar protection chip. Studies that I have carried out on these so-called Teslar watches have shown that the magnetic stripes are not directly coupled to the quartz system, but are placed in the strong field that a quartz watch radiates. The pulses of a quartz watch can be measured by simple means and are very powerful. A quartz watch is often regarded as an unsuspecting source of interference that can seriously impair the biological system. By placing the solonoid strips in the clock, the energy generated is converted into an energy useful for the biological system. To create a more effective and much stronger (scalar) field, I coupled the Mobious coil directly to the 7.83Hz (alpha wave). Through the use of smd technology, it has become a small and technically advanced device that meets all CE standards. To objectively test the Teslar device, Dr. Glen Rein, a former Stanford Medical School associate, designed a series of in vitro experiments using nerve cells grown in tissue cultures. The result was that the emissions of the Mobious strips led to deeper and generally more favorable effects. This is compared to normal EM emissions in relation to neurotransmitters (norepinephrine), via the same mechanism as in tricyclic depressants. In addition, lymphocytes exposed to the Teslar showed a 76% increase in reproduction compared to lymphocytes without the Mobious strip configuration (137% increase versus 34% increase with a simple EM 8hz signal). This shows that the presence of an almost 8 Hz longitudinal wave movement (scalar) causes a greater strengthening of the immune system than the mere exposure to an almost 8 Hz linear EM field. Dr. Puharich reported that a study led by him at the Max Planck Institute in Germany indicated that E.colli microorganisms exposed to the 8Hz longitudinal fields increased the activity of the so-called RAD 6 gene, which is responsible for encoding proteins, which can repair DNA. So it seems that the biological effects of longitudinal (scalar) waves depend on certain wavelengths. Amazing results from people who wore the Teslar device pointed to significant biological effects. Dr. Eldon Byrd of the U.S. Naval Weapons Center found a decrease in overall amplitude and a tendency to lower frequencies in EEG (measurement of brain activity) measurements in people using the Teslar device. Since then, such frequency measurements have been demonstrated by Dr. Cyrill W. Smit of the University of Salford and Dr. William J. Rao of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas. They gave clinically accurate readings of what vibration number (EM or chemical) affects someone who is sensitive to any environmental factor, a sensitivity that can be developed at a certain frequency where specific reactions may occur. Thus, the changes in human frequency measurement reported by Dr. Eldon Byrd with the Teslar device would be proportional to a shift and/or elimination of an allergic reaction, while a reduction in amplitude would be equivalent to a reduction in sensitivity to associated EM or chemical NMR emission. This is in line with the fact that many Teslar users are sensitive to environmental factors. Two experiences that I cannot withhold from you are. While skating inline, I broke my hip. After an operation and the insertion of several screws to keep everything in place, I had severe pain, and since I have an aversion to strong painkillers, I put the EGF in the place where the fracture and, above all, the pain were. Within a short time, the cutting pain disappeared to a tolerable level. Later, I also used the EFG for annoying pain in the hip and the pain disappeared completely. When I visited clients in France, the lady of the house had a severe earache. The cause was unknown to me. With the help of muscle reflex tests, I found out that the pain had to be caused by inflammation or irritation in the jaw or mouth. It seemed that she was having a dental treatment that actually irritated her. After holding the EFG on the painful spot for 10 minutes, the pain was gone. The functioning of the EFG can be seen as an ordering process. The original structure returns and influences that should not be present naturally are neutralized. Yours sincerely Hessel Hoornveld Dealer for EFG: – New quality of life – Germany

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