Vouchers – and no manipulation?

Vouchers – and no manipulation?

Why “vouchers” are not good. A bit of philosophy on the subject of manipulation and marketing.

Dear customer.

First of all. For me, customers are people who buy here. People are not to be categorized for me, because division, separation according to the motto: “Divide and rule”, as we are currently experiencing very presently, is not my philosophy. For this reason, the so-called “gendering” is not mine and I will not participate in such divisive nonsense. I don’t think that even the “affected” want this madness. There is probably a different agenda behind it. For this reason, my customers are people and customers to me. I reject separation and division. That’s why I dupe you too.

Vouchers and their “meaning”:

Many retailers lure with “vouchers”. And many people run like sheep to where they are offered. Many do not even check whether they really “save” when using a voucher. Because, of course, the indication of supposed savings with percentages is often eyewash. In other words, a nebulization of reality.

Why are “vouchers” issued at all?

If a store issues a voucher, what is the point?

Either the price was too high before? But it does not lower this price, but only sets a short incentive so that the customer buys there and not from another provider. “Competition” is called the screaming “I’m better than the other, so buy from me”. So does the provider question his own prices so that he can “manipulate” the customer from another provider and then perhaps continue to buy from this provider later?

But isn’t it the case that this dealer has to lure the “unfaithful” customers again and again with vouchers, like cattle?

After all, “the others” do it too…

Marketing is ultimately nothing more than manipulation or propaganda. All this is not fundamentally “bad”, but with continuous application it leads to an ever greater controllability and separation of people, as we can see more and more. We are also currently seeing this with the “alleged epidemic”.

Another reason could be that the trader “can’t get his neck full enough”. He has to prove to himself quickly that he has a good command of manipulating people. Some may even be happy about the “stupid sheep” who can be attracted with something. I don’t need this and it always went against the grain when I was told, “You have to manipulate and gut the stupid ones, because if you don’t, someone else will do it and you’ll go out empty-handed,” or something like that. Money is only there a certain amount. In order for one to have more money than the other, another must have less. So with this FIAT money system (the debt money system) you have to forcibly “exploit” another one so that you have more. You have to be a pig to achieve a lot. Or they sell you that you don’t have to, but conceal the fact that it is someone else who is the “pig” for you and you participate with it. Do you have to? I think humanity is in a state of upheaval right now. To do this, however, we have to get out of these “tracks” that misguided us for a lifetime.

Another reason for issuing vouchers can of course also be that he wants to get rid of retailers of certain “older products”… However, I think it’s mostly “peasant trapping” and also greed.

“Greed is the problem”

This is a clever saying that unfortunately describes a large part of our “society”. Even if we were all just manipulated into it. In addition, we are probably to be “occupied” and distracted from the real values and “tasks” that would be effective on our own if we were not distracted.

“Why can’t the dealer make a decent price than constantly make some “offers”, my wife often asked me when we were sent “offers” again.

How right she is… But presumably some people “tick” differently than others. And I hope they will soon wake up from the constant manipulation or propaganda. I stick to my wife’s saying….

Why do I hardly issue vouchers?

On the one hand, I do not want to serve, promote and maintain the principle of manipulation. The pattern that leads people astray again and again, “because they are so used to it”. Because here, too, there is a clash in the background. Yes, ultimately a “war”. Of course, you may sometimes be able to save something on a voucher. But to whom? Do you really save money compared to another provider? This is where psychology and our long “social imprint” strikes. No, you save compared to your own offer of the dealer who offers something. Why is he doing this? You can read a lot about this and we should be aware of that. I don’t want to get involved in this brainwashing and manipulation.

A decisive reason why I hardly issue vouchers and advertise with them is that I have kept the prices very stable for years and there does not have to be new “offers” or “vouchers” all the time. I’m a bit proud of that… However, this can probably only be understood by a person who has seen through the system a bit through a longer development. Presumably, however, many of my customers are already further…

I wish that we all wake up, become aware and finally wake up from the manipulation. Trust and follow our hearts, feel into the matter. “The sound”, likes to lead us on the wrong path, is intended to distract. So it is the small impulses that should guide us, those of our intuition. If we learn to follow them, life becomes easy and we can escape the “hamster wheel”. Well enough, the philosophy… I am pleased that you are a customer of mine and thus support a different way of thinking. Thank you very much for that.

In this sense, I wish you a bright, alert and loving time in free community.

torben von nlq24.de

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