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The living environment polarizer (polarizer) is a highly developed oscillation antenna system. It absorbs, inverts and groups an unlimited range of wavelengths. In this way, a harmonious energy is radiated. The polarizer protects and optimizes biological systems and all forms of life. The great demand for ever stronger, more effective, simple and inexpensive depolarization
systems challenged the manufacturer to keep developing something new.

Effective and
We know that it’s hard for some people to imagine that a simple system can be so effective. The manufacturer has over 15 years of experience, which we are all happy to share with you. Nowadays, people are flooded with harmful radiation. Some examples are: microwave ovens, television sets, transmission towers, radio and telephone systems, computers, the power grid, tools and devices powered by alternating current. Especially the DECT phone is a nuisance. The polarizer neutralizes the radiation in food, water and other beverages. Place the device on a glass of water or other drinks and you will see that the taste improves. In addition to the normalization of the electromagnetic environment and the reduction of electrosmog, the energy field (also called aura by many) of biological systems is completed by the elimination of disturbing dissonant vibrations in their electric fields. Various measuring systems show that the biological system of a human being, animal, plant or food regains balance and changes when the electromagnetic environment is normalized. Some examples of these measurement systems are electroacupuncture, photons, knapp method, Prognos, muscle test, Vega and Full. By holding the polarizer to the area above the navel, also called the solar plexus, one can perform a comparative measurement or a test.

Many people hold the polarizer on the solar plexus and usually feel a form of relaxation after some time. Especially children and animals react quickly to it. The Living Environment Polarizer is an insulated box that can be easily plugged into the wall socket. It consists of several vibrational rings and contains harmonizing crystals. However, he himself does not need any energy. Its service life is unlimited and it does not require much installation or maintenance.

By the way: There are also copied systems on the market with partially misaligned resonance rings and extremely heavy gemstones or crystals.

The living environment polarizer is the result of years of research by a number of scientists who specialize in the fields of physics, electronics, chemistry, biology and metallurgy, among others. The most important person for the development of the polarizer was the Russian scientist George Lakhovsky. He worked in Paris, Vienna and the United States. There he did a lot of research in the field of oscillation and resonance. He became famous above all for the development of the “Multiwave Oscillator” which he carried out together with Nikola Tesla. The experiments he conducted with geraniums infected with cancer cells are well known. The geraniums that developed tumors were treated with tuned vibration rings (resonance rings). The result was that the geraniums contaminated with tumors, which had a vibration ring, simply continued to grow and later the tumors disappeared. The other geraniums, which also had tumors but no oscillation ring, slowly died off.

This optimized technique with vibration rings is also located in your polarizer. Your power grid acts like a large antenna, so the vibration rings use your entire grid to transmit the life energy.

Why is polarization important for your health?

Many experts know that a decrease in vitality precedes a loss of health. Various tensions are responsible for the loss of our vitality. Since biological systems function electrically with their own frequencies, the artificial voltages of the urban electromagnetic environment are very harmful. Vitality is slowed down and “symptoms of the disease” appear. By harmonizing the electromagnetic environment, the living environment polarizer restores the coherence of the body’s electric fields. In this way, all the information that is important for the optimal functioning of the body becomes available. Polarization also restores, strengthens and revitalizes the normal frequencies for cell vibrations. With new coherence and vitality, the field of life can produce the bioelectrical blueprint of life without disturbing symptoms while adhering to all the laws of nature.

How can the living environment polarizer (polarizer)
be used optimally?
1. To polarize electrical systems at home and at work, all you have to do is plug the polarizer into a power outlet. The entire cabling system then becomes a powerful antenna. Harmonic vibrations become radiated over the entire property. The electric fields of all devices connected to the on-board electrical system are brought into line with the biological life systems. For each electronic wiring system, only one polarizer is required, exceptions reserved.
2. If the electrical wiring system in the house is grounded on the water pipe, as is prescribed in many countries, the electrical patterns of the substances in the water are also corrected. The water is enlivened instead of consuming energy, and the benefits are greater than with any commercially distilled water we have tested.

3. To polarize a car, an airplane, a boat, a bus or the like, a suitable polarizer should be placed on a metal surface, such as.B. the floor board of the car or the 12-volt socket. The energy of the polarizer usually passes directly through the carpet that lies on it. It immediately penetrates the electrical system and dominates the harmful radiation.

4. Place the polarizer on painful parts of the body (pull it out), which often reveal underlying blockages of the life force. With a few minutes a day, you can rid your field of life of electrical disturbances and blockages in the flow of energy that can cause pain. Be careful with the living environment polarizers. Please do not drop it. Should this happen accidentally and it rattles when you shake it, please send it back to me. I can then send it in for repair.

Test for reverse polarity:
Due to a variety of unnatural tensions, most people tested in urban areas have (false polarity) reverse polarity. To test for possible reverse polarity, have the person stretch out their left arm as described above. Let him put his right palm on his head and test it. The person should be strong if the right palm is on the head, and weaker if the back of the right hand is on the head. You will probably find that most people are weak when they should be strong, and strong when they should be weak. The polarity is then reversed or reversed and actually your system works without the right energy and information. To solve this, take the polarizer and hold it over the person’s thymus gland or solar plexus. Then test again, where the polarizer is no longer there and not in the socket. The results show that there is an immediate correction of the energy level. When the polarizer is held in this position for a while, the person generally tests “normally,” even after it is removed. The result, of course, is only temporary, unless man takes measures to protect himself by polarizing himself and her electromagnetic environment.

Testing with kinesiology:

A muscle reflex test is a compelling way to test the benefits of your polarizer. You can use the deltoid muscle at the top of the shoulder to perform such a test. To do this, you need to press just hard enough to test the rebound and mobility in the arm. So do not press so hard that the muscle gets tired. They test only to the point where the shoulder muscle becomes weak.

Here’s how to test someone:

1. Let the person stand upright, with the left arm lying relaxed on the side and the right arm stretched forward. The elbow should be straight and closed in this position.

2. Stand face to the side next to the person and place your left hand on the person’s right shoulder to support them.

3. Then place your right hand on the outstretched arm, just above the wrist. Tell the person that you will try to push the arm down, while the person will have to restrain it with all his strength.

4. Now exert a quick and firm pressure on the arm. The idea is to push the arm down just strong enough to find the point where the deltoid becomes weak and the arm can no longer remain in position without inserting the rest of the body.

5. Now take a hair dryer, razor or other device that can be held in the hand and connect it.

6. Let the person turn on the device and test the arm again. The arm will be weaker than before. There will be almost no more force.

7. Turn off the device and test the arm again. The arm will be stronger than with the power supply switched on.

8. Now plug the polarizer into the socket near the device or, if necessary, into another socket. Put the device back on and let the person hold it in his hand. Test the strength in his arm. The arm becomes much stronger than before due to the harmonizing effect of the polarizer. You can also test the person for television or microwave radiation. If no polarizer is placed, the arm is weak. When the energy from the polarizer is passed through the wiring system, the arm remains strong. The same thing happens with tap water indoors and outdoors.

This information is experience gained and does not constitute health advice. For these, consult your reasonable alternative practitioner or doctor.

Have fun with your living environment Polarizer

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