Questions about frequency technology, FAQ:

Questions about frequency technology, FAQ:

From a request:

  1. to the earth frequency generator

Is it recommended to place day and night – i.e. in continuous operation – near the body?

– The denser the EFG is on the body, the stronger the effect of the emitted earth frequency. I use it for as long as possible, right near my body. I have been told that wearing it on the body gives new momentum. When “forgetting” you can notice this difference.

Should you take breaks in between so that the body does not get so used to the frequency?

– The earth frequency is a natural frequency, but it is reduced by many disturbing factors. Therefore, I wouldn’t say it takes a break or getting used to. After all, you don’t really have to “get used to” nature. It may be that good things could “overwhelm” an organism. However, this has not yet been reported to me.

Isit possible to estimate the radius within which the device is transmitting?

– In general, it emits the frequency. The further away you are, the less arrives, or may be “distracted” or even disturbed by other frequencies.

How long does a battery last on average (in continuous operation) and is there a display when it needs to be replaced? Or, do you have to wait until the lights stop shining?

– This depends on various factors, which I cannot answer in such a general way. Ultimately, the lamp goes out at some point.

– Is the EFG sufficient to be “protected” from 5G, EMF etc. or to be strengthened in such a way that the harmful frequencies do not represent a significant burden on the body?

– Again, this cannot be answered in general. If you live exactly opposite a transmitter, you may not have enough to counter. Here I would definitely also use the life field polarizer. People who are sensitive here should try this and I would be happy about appropriate feedback. This is also important for other people, as we see here.

I eat and live very health-consciously and have been paying attention to certain things for a long time (no mobile phone, LAN instead of W-LAN, no DECT phone, security in the bedroom disabled at night), but I have the feeling that 5G is causing me – and others – more and more trouble (often tired and energyless, etc.) and therefore look for ways to strengthen and protect myself in this regard (have already tried a lot and already invested a lot of money in “protection products” , with often rather manageable success).

– From my point of view, there are currently, at the moment, many effects and changes that could lead to such problems. Here, a mental balance is very important. In my view, problems in this area can have much more negative effects than technical events. And technical solutions or offers alone do not always help. Therefore, especially here is probably also the “psychohygiene”. Because right now, the manipulation of people is only about two opposites: love or fear. And fear is the “steering tool” of those who want to get us out of love and freedom. Nevertheless, I have very positive feedback on the earth frequency generator. Heavy metal overload can also mean that “best practices” can’t help as much.

If you have placed the Life Field Polarizer 3 in any socket of the house and then operate electrical appliances that are attached to this power grid – e.B. the stove, which has a particularly strong EMF. Are the “radiations”, of these devices in general with the living environment polarizers, no longer impairing / damaging? Does the polarizer only work with devices that are “under power” – or does it also generally have a harmonizing effect on the living environment?

– The living environment polarizer is an antenna system, which also uses the power line to harmonize disharmonious frequencies. This means that it also “works” over the circuit of the stove.

But even without the movement of polarizers, it “harmonizes” these negative effects in the environment.

Do you also use these two products and, if so, did they allow you to see differences?

– Yes, of course I tried them before I even included these devices in my range. I had also noticed the increasing pressure and could not sleep properly before. Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past. It was precisely this effect in the present time that led me to offer these solutions in my shop.

I now have the EFG in use together with the Polarizer living environment. I immediately plugged the living environment polarizer into a socket in our kitchen and was able to perceive a clear difference. The atmosphere suddenly felt clearer and fresher. Is its service life limited or does the effect possibly diminish over time (I previously had another harmonizer for the socket, whose “service life” was estimated at 5 years).

– The living environment polarizer is an antenna system that works without electricity. It therefore generally has no decreasing service life, like a device that has an “electrical technology”.

I am considering whether I should buy another living environment polarizer for my workplace. Does this make sense at all while using the EFG?

– This can be quite useful, since the living environment polarizers harmonize the environment frequently, while the EFG brings the earth frequency back in addition.

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