DMSO and the smell

DMSO und Geruch

DMSO is odorless?

DMSO is not completely odorless, and certainly not always.
Does DMSO with odor have inferior quality or effect?

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DMSO and the smell:

Everyone knows that DMSO always has this smell. It smells cabbage-like or even in the direction of sulfur.

This smell appears in all DMSO batches, also known as pharmaceutical quality or pharmaceutical batches.

In some solutions, the smell in the liquid is barely or slightly perceptible.
For others, it smells the same and strong. This has nothing to do with poor quality.

Rather, it is the case that different manufacturers process the DMSO somewhat differently.
However, the effect is the same.

At that time, BASF’s DMSO was widely used in Germany. This had almost no smell.

However, since BASF migrated to the U.S., DMSO is probably only available from the U.S. This is very expensive. And besides, BASF is now one with Monsanto! That’s why many people don’t want this DMSO anymore.

Other manufacturers come from India and China. Their batches smell, but are still affordable. In any case, the prices for DMSO in pharmaceutical batches have gone “through the roof”.

So it is better and unproblematic to accept the smell.

The smell of DMSO is released when heated above 37 degrees C. This means that DMSO always smells like this. In some varieties earlier, in others later.

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