New shower filters

New shower filters from Aquafilter

Now they are also available in my shop, the new brand shower filters from Aquafilter.

Buy here your Shower filter “Slim” Aquafilter shower head.
The branded shower head with design from the company Aquafilter!

Narrow shower filter with 3 in 1 water filter – the super fresh wellness shower!

Just wash away the stress of everyday life. Experience relaxing wellness moments. The water feels particularly fresh and gentle. Up to 99% of the chlorine content in the water is eliminated by this shower filter. Heavy metals such as mercury and lead are also filtered out.

Systematic application can have a positive effect on the skin texture.
This shower filter protects your skin, hair and lungs by filtering out unwanted substances. It also protects you from the harmful effects of chlorine and heavy metals. The cleaner water means you need much less shampoo and shower gel. This protects the environment. A KDF filter layer also has an antibacterial effect.

What advantages does this shower filter offer you?

Pure water relieves dry, reddened skin and irritated eyes. Your skin is feeling good again. You also get smooth hair that is easier to comb. Your mucous membranes and lungs are protected. And you don’t have any bad smells from tap water. Heavy metals are removed or reduced. Chlorine ions are converted into harmless chlorides. Shampoo and shower gels care for you better. You can also enjoy this water on holiday. Just take the shower filter with you!

Technical data:

The connection is compatible with almost all shower hoses. You can connect it quickly and easily.

Besides the beautiful chrome design, the shower filter is also available in black or white

The 3 in 1 water filter insert lasts up to 6 months. Then simply replace the water filter insert. You can also tell when lime has reattached.

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