Tips for the Corona Time

Book on the way with the inner child

Tips for the new time

Here I give tips for the current Corona situation. This page continues to be updated. So i’d like to look back and on….

Making your leisure time meaningful

Many people are now alone with themselves or a small circle. Tensions can arise and the problems that always affect us can come to the surface. In my opinion, the real reason for illness.

These extraordinary times can be spent in a very diverse way, e.g. with television, anxious, learning to enjoy small things again and, and, and. You can also use this time as a kind of gift to learn more about yourself. This book can help you. Because it will perhaps surprise you: we are all ruled by our subconscious at 90!
Especially in our everyday life, in which the inner child mixes vigorously – of course mostly subconsciously. This practical practice book shows a way we can still deal with the inner child: by “dialogue writing. ” For this purpose, the adult receives exercises for his own strengthening as tools as well as a “cookbook” with precise instructions, step by step. Then dialogues will succeed; blockages can be removed and more and more parts of the “inner child” can be integrated. In this way, one can find inner unity again.

If you want to order this book postage-free now, please click on the link below; You will then be redirected directly to the publisher ( On the way with the Inner Child.
The first 20 pages of the sample can also be read there.
The book costs €14.90 and the e-book €9.49.

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