Using the Doser System

Doser-System DIN18-es

How to use the Doser system

The Doser system is available in 2 sizes:

Doser System DIN18 is for small dropper bottles and has an opening of 18 mm.
The Doser system PP28 or 28 mm for a bottle opening of 28 mm. These are usually found in larger medicine or glass syrup bottles.
The use of both sizes is the same.

Press in the Doser insert yourself:

The Doser system consists of a plastic bottle insert, which is stuck in the neck of the bottle.
If you buy CDH3000, this insert is already pressed into the neck of the bottle. Depending on the selection
you can also order a matching lid for the Doser system. If a product has been ordered,
where the Doser system is included, a matching lid is also included.

If you buy CDH3000 LONG, which is activated after the purchase itself, the bet must be pressed in after activation. Likewise, if you buy the system with an empty bottle or separately as an accessory.
This is how you press in the Doser insert yourself:

  1. Open the lid.
  2. For pressing, place the Doser insert straight on the neck of the bottle.
  3. Doser insert with the thumb with sufficient pressure completely press / press into the neck of the bottle.
  4. Now the doser (syringe) can be inserted into the doser insert and after turning the bottle over
    Liquid can be removed.

Use Doser (syringe)

After the Doser insert is stuck in the neck of the bottle, the Doser (syringe) is as follows for removing
Liquid from the bottle to use:

  1. Open the lid.
  2. Insert the doser (syringe) firmly into the doser insert (plastic insert) in the neck of the bottle.
  3. Tilt the bottle so that liquid gets to the doser.
  4. Use the Doser (syringe) to draw liquid into the syringe (as when pulling up a syringe).
  5. Pull Doser out of the mission again. If necessary, make sure that the insert remains in the bottle.
  6. Close the bottle again immediately and finally use the liquid from the syringe.
    After use, the doser (syringe) should be rinsed.

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